Leonid Pereplyotchik

Two Sides of a Planet

Black Square

Churchill Club

The Russian émigré, Yefim, travels from Texas to Seattle. He meets with people from the different slices of American society and participates in discussions on various topics: humanitarian, liberal values, and political affairs. Yefim made friends with Russian émigrés and American scientists and professors, etc.

There are many interpretations of Malevich's famous picture, "Black Square". The most intriguing perhaps is the mystical one. The Eternity itself looks at us through the Black Square. Yefim and Pablo Picasso's niece, Claude, meet each other in Seattle. Two solitudes can understand each other, but cannot live together. They are doomed to strolling through Space like the Flying Dutchmen. The tragic development of the relationship between those two lonely people undergoes, under the heavy look of the Black Square.

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