Leonid Pereplyotchik

Two Sides of a Planet

Churchill Club

Black Square

During World War II, the Alien command asked the Soviet authorities to open brothels for the British and American seamen arriving with convoys in the ports of Murmansk, Molotovsk, and Archangelsk. The Soviet authority strictly prohibited the brothels in the USSR. They declared brothels and prostitution as a decaying bourgeois moral influence, penetrating into "moral pure" Soviet society.

The Soviet Authority established such brothels in Archangelsk, and named it "The International Friendship Club". People of Archangelsk have named it the "Churchill Club". This story tells us about the Russian girl, Katherine, drafted in the brothel as a prostitute and the secret agent. The seaman from the American military convoy, John, met Katherine in the brothel, when he arrived at the Russian port, Archangelsk. They fell in love with each other. However, the Soviet brothel was not a real brothel and Kate was not a real prostitute. There was no place for love in the Russian "Churchill Club", under strict control of the Soviet Secret Services.

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