Leonid Pereplyotchik

Two Sides of a Planet

River of Oblivion

Churchill Club

The representative of the French Constructing company, Leon, visited Ukraine for making a construction contract. He goes to his native village, where he was born. The family of his friends, the French communists, lived in this village. They immigrated to the Soviet Union after the WWII hopping on the communist paradise.

Destiny of the family from France was not as bright as it had been pictured by Soviet propaganda. The harsh reality of the neglected village brought many hardships to this family. Later, the Soviet secret police arrested the entire family and sent them to a concentration camp as French spies.

They shared the tragic destiny with millions of Soviet people, suffering from the inhumanity and cruelty of the Stalinist regime. All of these people vanished in the Soviet "River of Oblivion" - GULAG concentration camps.

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