Leonid Pereplyotchik

Two Sides of a Planet


Churchill Club

A typical village boy, Alex, became a soldier and went to the Afghanistan war. He saw heroism and cowardice in the Soviet officers and soldiers. He participated in annihilating whole Afghan settlements and villages, and mass killings of the Afghan people. He was wounded in a battle and returned to his native village in the Ukrainian North. After the collapse of the Communist regime and development of a "wild capitalism" in Russia, Alex tries to run a private business, but gets into a conflict with a local criminal authority. Frustrated from the overall corruption and criminalization of Russian society, he has a bloody clash. Alex kills Mafiosi as local Mafia tried to take revenge. Alex tried to escape to the USA, but the bandits from Russia did not let him have peace, and reach him there.

Black Square
Chechen Transit
River of Oblivion
Vera Lotar
Farewell Slav
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